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Host a Facebook Pow Wow

  • posted by Steve
  • posted on December 16th 2011

Hey, it’s really fun when you can get an artist in studio and get in a good interview, maybe a few listener questions and some station drops. But have you ever thought of getting an artist in front of your listeners through an online get-together? Labels love to provide artists for this type of promotion because the talent can sit in their hotel room and do the event, or even do it from the office or home.

Screen Capture of Facebook Event setup windows

Facebook online events are a great way to connect your station’s listeners to their favorite artists. Highly sponsorable, a Facebook event can draw thousands of listeners to your Facebook page and from there you can make sure they know what you want them to know about your station and website. And you can expose your sponsoring client’s message to event “attendees” repeatedly. Here are a few ways to serve your client through your Facebook event:

  • For a week before the event, presell the event as “ABC Company and Magic 96 present ‘An Hour with Bigname Starr’ next Wednesday at 6pm. Visit our Facebook page or for details.” Promote it online, on-air and through email blasts, texting, Twitter and anything else you can use.
  • Change your Facebook profile photo to your client’s logo for the duration of the actual event.Facebook Ad target logo
  • Place a few Facebook ads promoting the event.¬†They are inexpensive and can greatly increase attendance to your online event. And you can use your client’s logo alongside yours to provide added value to the client.
  • Make sure the artist knows to thank the client for “allowing” him/her to visit with your audience in this way. The client will inevitably smile when the artist mentions their company name and/or product. And a smiling client is a happy client.

Read the two links below for more information on Facebook event creation and how to create buzz for your event.

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